About Me

Defining oneself is a strange thing. We’ve got more wrong ideas about ourselves than anyone else. It’s one of the ironies of life that we can tell others who we think we are, but only they can tell us what we really are. So here I will tell you the image I have of myself and let you decide who I really am.

Globe-Trotting Infosec Veteran

I have been passionate about information and computer security for decades. My early days, tinkering on antique systems, were spent dissecting the technologies, finding their secrets and adding some of my own. I’ve been an information and computer hobbyist for decades. I still am, but now I am compensated for my time and experience.

Since 2004 I have worked in the information security industry. I built enterprise experience on my hobbiest passion and technical understanding. For the last few years I have used this to travel the world, working with large and small organizations to solve a variety of problems.

My focus now is on strategic and business issues in information and computer security. In addition to consulting work I occasionally write, present and broadcast my advice.

Doing what I love; loving what I do

Since early-2012 I have been traveling the world. I’ve lived in several countries, notably Armenia, London, Korea and Mexico. Traveling refreshes me and helps to make me feel more alive. I also podcast and write about my experiences.