As with any field, in information security you have to be passionate and dedicated to rise to the top tier. That’s what I aspire to, and so every day I pour myself into what I love to do. Throughout my career in information security I’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, from very small to very large; local to global; across many industries. I have worked to cultivate a great reputation and am very proud of what I’ve accomplished to date.

In my previous roles I’ve taken lead in developing strategy and services around emerging areas in information security. I’ve helped industry groups put together guidance, helped author white papers, contributed to magazine articles and spoken at industry conferences. My background in social science helps me bring a different perspective, allowing me to see things in their broader context. That helps get to the real root causes to ensure that the solution works without unforeseen consequences or extra risk.

Founder/CEO | Stratigos Security
Managing Principal Consultant | Dell SecureWorks
Solutions Architect | Dell SecureWorks

Host | BizSec Podcast
Advisory and Oversight Committee | The EFF Summit – Fundraiser for the Electronic Frontier Foundation

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