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I enjoy staying in touch with folks I know. And I like meeting new people. You can usually reach the many places where I maintain an internet presence.

Atlantic Council – I occasionally blog, generate quotations, participate in events, and write for them, in my role as a Cyber Safety Innovation Fellow.
I Am The Cavalry – A global, grassroots initiative from the cybersecurity researcher community, focused on ensuring technology that has the potential to impact human life and public safety is worthy of the trust we place in it.
Twitter @beauwoods
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Older outlets

Beau’s Computer Security Blog – Some thoughts over the years on computer security, mainly trying to communicate complex ideas in plain English.
Meandering Woods – Travel journal, with collections of tips, stories of trips and photos.
BizSec Podcast – Podcast for information security issues that matter to executives, in their own language.
GTFOutcast – Podcast about how to shape your lifestyle, using myself and my cohost as examples.