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Security perspectives, posts and articles for Dell

  • Drone Hacking and Information Security referencing Die Hard 2 and then-recent news that Iran claimed to have downed a US drone safely by redirecting the GPS to land in their territory.
  • Home Improvement and Information Security comparing home improvement shows to improving organizations’ security programs, and the folly of trying to do what everyone else does (“best practice”).
  • Technology Products and Implementation: A Short Historical Perspective is a tongue-in-cheek treatment of the way too many vendors and buyers work in our industry, using the technology of fire as an analog.
  • SCADA Vulns and Exploits Published gives technical information on the then-recently released information about a wealth of issues found in equipment that control industrial controls systems that control much of the power generation, transmission and distribution, as well as other critical infrastructure.
  • PCI Guidance on Virtualization and Cloud walks through then-recent clarification and guidance the Payment Card Industry Council gave for complying with the Data Security Standard when using virtualization technology and cloud service providers.
  • Are Your Browser CAs Considered Critical Vendors shines the light on the often overlooked trust relationships that could – and have – been exploited to gain access to information, such as by nation-states and government agencies.
  • Securely Deleting Data gives information and tools to help organizations and individuals ensure their information is erased when disposing of hard drives, USB sticks, and other data storage media.
  • Spam and the Changing Business Model of Cyber Crime uses a Freakonomics article to dissect new business models used by criminals, using more targeted email attacks as the market of victims and consumers change.
  • CIA Confirms Cyber Attack Caused Multi-City Power Outage references Die Hard 4: Live Free and Die Hard as well as the original Die Hard movie (can you tell I’m a fan of John McClaine?) and discusses many different incidents where malicious attackers supposedly have disrupted power and other critical services.
  • How to Prevent HIPAA Violations is a set of tips and advice, rather than the canonical guide.

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